Chiapas, Mexico.

“compañero subcomandante insurgente, no lo entiendas mal nuestras lágrimas, no son de tristeza, son de rebeldía”.

Brooklyn, 2014

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“compañero subcomandante insurgente, no lo entiendas mal nuestras lágrimas, no son de tristeza, son de rebeldía”.

Chiapas: Zapatista Teacher Dead, 15 Injured in Paramilitary Ambush
José Luis Solís López, a teacher in the Zapatista’s La Escuelita was murdered, and at least 15 Zapatistas seriously injured, in an ambush by members of an anti-Zapatista organization known as CIOAC-H on Friday, May 2, 2014. The same attackers damaged or destroyed both the autonomous Mayan school and the local health clinic at the Zapatista caracol of La Realidad.
Some key points to know about the ambush in La Realidad, Chiapas:
• Unarmed Zapatistas were ambushed on the evening of May 2, 2014 near the caracol of La Realidad. Mainstream media are falsely reporting the incident as a “confrontation” between EZLN members and others while publishing 20 year old photos of armed Zapatistas. This was not a confrontation; it was a unilateral attack against unarmed bases of support of the EZLN.
• Those directly responsible for the attack are members of the organization CIOAC-H. The most recent Zapatista communiqué states that the paramilitaries “are paid, organized, directed, and trained by the three levels of bad government in order to divide and provoke us [the Zapatista communities].”
• Immediately preceding this ambush, the Zapatistas and local community members began a peaceful mediation process, supervised by the Chiapas-based human rights organization Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, designed to address increasing aggressions against the Zapatistas (including the cutting off of their water supply and the retention of a vehicle delivering medical supplies).
• Zapatista Good Governance Council in La Realidad has turned this issue over to the General Command of the EZLN so that it is “investigated and justice is done.”
Read four things you can do to respond to this deadly attack on the Zapatistas
For more information, visit: Enlace Zapatista and Schools for Chiapas

Ya Basta 2007

Snacking while enjoying the sun: acai bowl with one mango, one frozen banana, one cup of frozen blueberries and 2/3 cup of water. I topped it with the new cranberry-pistachio granola from mymuesli (so good!), a handful of coconut chips and white almond butter.

Jaja saluden a la lechuga :3 #hello #lechuguita #haha (en San Jose, Costa Rica)

Free ‎– Free (1969)
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